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"Headhunter Spearfishing is the leading standard in the primitive Spearfishing world. Their constant development of high quality products has made them the pinnacle and envy of their competitors."

"Having tried every glove out there, the Headhunter BAMF is still by far the best"

"The fish was shot in 70 ft of water weighed in at 96.2 lbs off the coast of Kodiak, AK"

"I'm very impressed with the Headhunter Nomad pole spear. It is the most durable spear I've used and I am in awe that it stood up to the giant 130 lb. Cubera after being bashed around in a reef. It's accuracy is on point and you really get your money's worth with this spear. Great job on making a spear that landed my fish of a lifetime."

"I swear by your gear, it is the industry leader. I feel helpless when I can't bring my Headhunter spears with me."


Durable, Fast, Hard Hitting, Break Down Sections
Our Latest Spear

Our newest polespear, the NOMAD, is the result 2 years of R&D. The goal was to develop a pole spear that is extremely durable, very fast, hits hard, and travels well. We have developed a proprietary composite tubing that is ridiculously rugged and paired that with hardened fittings. At the business end we have a 9" grip, an 18" x 5/16" heat treated injector rod, and a beefed up slip tip. The spear can be configured as a 6', 8', 9', or 10' spear(not including the 18" of tip and injector) by combining the 3' front, 3' back and optional 2' and 3' mid sections. And the entire spear breaks down to 38" for travel. The power can be customized by using the various power bands we have developed for this spear, and soon a "roller" section will be available as an optional rear section. And we have added blaze orange to the back section to help with visibility, both above and below the surface.


Diameter: .675"/Front Section: 3 feet/Rear Section: 3 feet/Mid sections: 2 or 3 feet

Carbon Fiber Freediving Fins