Right now we are in the process of putting together an insane SPEARFISHING EXPEDITION to the southern Bahamas. We want to go explore some areas that not many people get to see due to the difficult logistics and remote nature of these areas. The Southern Bahamas are such an unspoiled part of the Caribbean and there is some incredibly fun and exciting spearfishing to be done there.
This is going to be an all-inclusive package. Airfare to and from the outer islands, all accomodations aboard a live aboard mothership, all day spearfishing on remote reefs, meals, and the works. It is shaping up to be a series of 2 trips. Each trip will be about 6 days/5 nights with 5 days of diving. There will be 8 spearfishing guests per trip divided into two groups of four. Each group of four divers will be on their own boat for the day, along with an in-water spearfishing guide/cameraman and a boat driver.
We will be exploring reefs that will range in depth from as shallow as 10 feet to as deep as the group's abilities allow. Giant Hogfish and Black Grouper are known in these areas and of course there will be plenty of Mutton Snapper, Dog Snapper, Cubera Snapper, other Grouper species, and more. Not only will we be exploring some incredible reefs, but we are going to areas where we stand a good chance of seeing Wahoo and other pelagic fish. The boats will be outfitted with some bluewater gear so that guests will be able to pursue species such as wahoo, african pompano, king mackerel, mahi-mahi, permit, and giant amberjack. And of course, we will be guiding you and helping you to find and land these species that can be so difficult when using polespears and slings.
Polespears and Hawaiian Slings now have their own category for world records and we plan to take advantage of this fact. We will have all the certified scales and forms ready for guests to be able to submit world record catches to the IUSA!
Each 4-person group will have a guide/cameraman with them. We will be filming video of the entire trip and making an edited documentary style video for the guests. We will be there trying to get all your fish on video, as well as take some amazing photos of you and your trophy fish.
At the end of each day there will be some cold beers on the boat for the ride back to the anchored mothership. Once we get there, we will take care of all your gear and clean all your fish while you get cleaned up and ready for dinner. During dinner we will watch video and look through pictures from our day and make plans for the following day.
After a good nights sleep, you will wake up in a beautiful anchorage. All you have to do is enjoy your prepared breakfast, maybe have some coffee, and get ready to dive. Your gear will be put on the boats for you. 


There are going to be two separate trips. Each trip, or mission, will have a different goal and there will be different opportunities.  These are the two trips:


Dates: April 22-April 27 (dates may change)

Location: South Andros, The Grassy Cays, Tongue of the Ocean, and Green Cay

For Mission #1, guests will fly into Congo Town on a 7am chartered flight out of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE). Upon arrival, we will meet you at the airport and load everyone and their gear into cars for the drive to South Andros. We will then take a 45-minute boat ride to the mothership. After dropping off everyone’s gear and grabbing a quick snack we will break out the spearfishing equipment and go diving the rest of the day.

There will be diving for most of the 22nd, and all day for the 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th. The morning of the 27th, we might be able to squeeze in a couple of hours on the way back to Andros. That can be decided later. These 5-6 days of diving will be all around Southern Andros and Green Cay. We will spend a lot of time on the reefs there. Andros has some monster fish and we intend to find them. We will be covering a very large area. Andros has one of the longest barrier reefs in the world. Reefs vary from inshore patch reefs, blue holes, deeper reefs, and the reef wall where it drops off into the abyss. Our goal for this trip is for all the guests to get some personal best fish. Species like black grouper, hogfish, tiger grouper, mutton snapper, etc. Each group (4 guests/1 guide) will be working together to achieve this. Diving in the Bahamas is not like diving in other places in the world where you can use guns. In the Bahamas we rely on teamwork to chase, shoot, and land big fish. It is more effective this way and much more fun.

After everyone has landed their share of reef fish, we can break out the floats and float lines and try for pelagic species. Mission #1 will have the best pelagic action of the two trips. We have areas we will go to that can be loaded with Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, King Mackerel, Cero Mackerel, African Pompano, Amberjack and the occasional billfish. We will spend time here showing guests the different ways to set up their gear for bluewater, as well as helping to bring in, stalk, shoot, and land the different species.

At the end of every day there will be some cold beer and rum drink for the ride back to the mothership. Dinner will be prepared with the best choices from the days catch, and the other fish will be packed away. Our goal is to find a charity or school on Andros that we can give the fish too, or donate them to the community. It is only fair that we give back to the locals for letting us enjoy their waters. Hopefully over the next month or two we will find a suitable way to obtain this goal.

The last day of the trip, April 27, we might have the option of a quick dive on the run back to mainland Andros. That will be decided during the trip. The flight back to Ft.  Lauderdale Executive Airport will be at approximately 12:00 noon.  



Dates: April 27-May 3 (dates may change)

Location: South Andros, The Grassy Cays, Cochinos Bank, The Jumento Cays, Long Island, Crooked Island, Diana Bank(weather and schedule permitting)

For Mission #2, guests will fly into Congo Town on a 10am chartered flight out of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE). Upon arrival, we will meet you at the airport and load everyone and their gear into cars for the drive to South Andros. We will then take a 45-minute boat ride to the Mothership. After dropping off everyone’s gear and grabbing a quick snack we will break out the spearfishing equipment and go diving the rest of the day.

This trip is more of an exploration mission that mission #1. We will start out in Andros and dive here for the remainder of the day of arrival. For the next 4-5 days, we will pick our way Southeast ending up in Crooked Island. We will be traveling at night most of the time to allow as much diving during the day as possible. There is no set itinerary; we will be deciding that as we go based on group input and weather conditions. Possible places we might stop at include:

  • South side of Great Exuma (white sand, clear water, shallow heads. Very Beautiful diving)

  • Jumento Cays (both inshore and deep reef diving. The water here can be incredibly clear. This area is very remote and although we have been there several times before, we will be spending a lot of time exploring and scouting out this area.)

  • Long Island (the southern tip offers some reefs we might be able to explore)

  • Crooked Island (this will be our final destination and we will spend at least one day diving here.)

  • Diana Bank (there is no guarantee that we will be able to make it here, it is out of the way and very exposed to weather, but there is a chance. We have been spearing here before. It is challenging. Lots of sharks, and deep reefs. But we have seen 100 lb wahoo swim up to our flashers! Not many bottom fish)

Again, this trip will offer plenty of chances for both great reef fish and pelagic fish too, but it will also be about exploring. We will check out some of the blue holes, like Water Cay. Dive the reef passes, the patch reefs, and the drop-offs. It may take us some time to find our favorite spots, but we know we will find some great fish and have an incredible time doing it. Some of the places we will go have probably never seen a diver. The inner reefs have seen a lot of commercial pressure from lobster divers, but the outer reefs are just a big unknown! It will definitely be an adventure.

Diving will be just like on the other leg of the trip. There will be two separate groups of 4 guests, 1 guide, and a boat driver/captain. Everyone in each group will be diving together and working as a team. Our goal is to land some great fish, get some incredible footage, take some cool pictures, and most importantly, to be very safe. We will be very, very far from help and we want this to be a fun and safe experience for everyone!

On Saturday, May 3rd, the guests and 2 dive guides will be departing on Bahamas Air flights from Crooked Island (CRI). With a layover in Nassau, the final destination will be FLL, unless a different flight is made.



We are still in the process of lining everything up, so we don't have a final price yet. This is an expensive trip to put together but we want to do it in the best and most comfortable way possible. We will also have a ton of Headhunter polespears and Hawaiian Slings with us for use by the guests. Additionally, the package price will include the following:

  • Airfare (there is a possibility that we may not include Bahamas Air flight out so guests can book it themselves, but we will have a block reserved and will price the package to exclude this flight)

  • Transfers (all taxi's and boat rides to airports and the Mothership)

  • Food (all meals are included and will be on board the Mothership)

  • Drinks (all non-alcoholic drinks will be included as well as a basic supply of beer and spirits. We are still working out these details and will be sending out preference questionnaires to guests to make sure we have what they like on board for drinks)

  • Accommodation (each guest will have their own bed and shared access to showers, bathrooms, etc.)

  • Diving boats (we will have 3 smaller vessels at our disposal. We will be diving most of the time but will have the equipment to fish inshore, bottom fish, troll, or deep drop should an opportunity present itself)

  • Guide (each group of four guests will have an in water guide to help with equipment, spotting fish, taking photos and video, and safety)

  • Dive Bag (we will be supplying each guest with a "Bahamas Spearfishing Expedition" large dive bag. This will be so that all your gear can be kept together and doesn't get mixed in with other people's gear)

  • Shirts (we will have "Bahamas Spearfishing Expedition" t-shirts and performance shirts for each guest)

  • Headhunter gear (we are definitely going to be providing some shirts and hats for guests and we are even playing with the idea of giving each guest a Headhunter Sling, a product we have in development right now)

  • Photos (the entire trip will be documented with high quality photos and guests can have these photos to take home on a USB drive.

  • Video (we will be taking video of the entire trip. And can watch highlights every night. After we get home we will be editing this footage into a great video of your trip)

Our goal is to make this the best spearfishing trip you have ever had! All the logistics and work will be done for you, you will just need to eat, sleep, dive, and drink as you enjoy the most remote areas of the Bahamas. If you have any interest in this trip or would like to receive information as we update this page and figure out pricing, please sign up for our Expedition email list or email us directly. info@headhunterspearfishing.com

Check out our Bahamas Spearfishing Expedition website to book a trip now!


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