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In 2002, after several spearfishing trips to the Bahamas, Jason Norcross and I decided to create a small website to foster interaction amongst local South Florida spearfishermen and boaters. In a time before social media, Hogfishworld.com gave people a way to share stories and photos from trips to the Bahamas and other local spots. The website picked up momentum quickly and soon we outgrew the dorm room that served as our first office. Our trademarked hogfish logo could be seen all over cars and shirts from Key West to Vero Beach. Feedback from customers led us to develop our own Hawaiian slings and other Spearfishing equipment and, soon after, retail stores wanted to carry our products. This led to the creation of the HEADHUNTER brand in 2003.

2006 brought about the release of our first spearfishing film, “WET DREAMS: Adventures in Spearfishing.” It was the first video of its kind, combining the ‘surf video’ style with amazing Spearfishing action. Since then HEAHUNTER SPEARFISHING has grown into a spear fishing brand that has a global following. The trademarked logo is recognized all over the world and is synonymous with Hawaiian Slings, Pole Spears, and the Spearfishing/surfing/fishing lifestyle.

For the past few years Headhunter has been working on two major projects. The first has been the development of a series of polespears. I have taken everything I have learned in the past 10 years and created a polespear design that I feel is superior to any other on the market. Using high strength stainless steels and resilient composite materials, the new PREDATOR and PILEDRIVER polespears are fish killing machines with more speed, greater range and better holding tips than ever seen before. These polespears will take your hunting to the next level.

The other major focus of Headhunter for the past few years has been a new series of films. With the help of friends all over the world, we have managed to compile an amazing amount of footage. Not just spearfishing footage, but incredible surfing and sportfishing footage too. Using the lifestyle of our customers as our inspiration, we are producing a series of videos called THE LIQUID DIET. These are going to show the waterman’s lifestyle like never seen before!

So it seems we have a lot of exciting things on the board for Headhunter in the near future. Take a look at our product line up, including all new clothes and accessories, and see what we have to offer. I know you will like what you see!

Brad Thornbrough
President, The Headhunter Spearfishing Co.


Brad Thornbrough
Michael Gullick
Sales & Marketing