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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can the Headhunter SHOWSTOPPER tip system be used on other pole spears?

A. Yes it can. You simply need to purchase the 6mm adapter kit. This kit is mounted onto any polespear that has a 6mm male thread and allows you to use our injector rod and tips. It also give you the ability to secure your injector rods using a set screw which is the same as a surfboard fin key! We recommend purchasing the 6mm adapter, injector rod, and tip at the same time, but you only need 1 adapter per polespear, so it is a one-time purchase.


Q. Does the PREDATOR pole spear breakdown?

A. Yes, it is a 2-piece spear. The longer back-half is 60 inches long. the front half is about 36 inches long. And an assambled spear with a tip on it is about 108 inches long. 


Q. What are the effective ranges of a Predator polespear and a Guerrilla Sling?

A. The range of a pole spear is generally its own length, plus maybe a foot or two at best. So the Predator Polespear is about 10 feet, 12 feet at most. This is measured from your extended shooting hand to the fish. We have definitely shot and landed species such as African Pompano and Mackerel at the extreme end of this range. The slip tip only need to go in 3 inches to hold. 

The Guerrilla Sling has more range than a polespear. But,  because everyone has a different pull(both force and distance), the range varies from person to person. We have shot and landed fish at 17 feet with the reel and over 20 feet with a free shaft. But these longer shots usually are when the shooter is at least slightly more elevated than the target. It also depends on the fish species. A mackerel is much easier to penetrate than a large snapper, for instance, due to the scales.  On average the sling will shoot 12-14 feet all day long(3 meters), and 14-18 feet for someone with a strong pull. This distance is measured from the front of the slings body and is fairly accurate because we know how much line we have pulled off the reel. 



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