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New HEADHUNTER polespear roller band features

New HEADHUNTER polespear roller band features

Recent Changes

Here at Headhunter we pride ourselves on building high quality equipment. In order to do this we spend countless hours designing, testing, and reworking our ideas. We also love to listen to customer feedback. No mater how much we test, the shear scale of our customer's experiences towers over the hours that we can put in. So when you speak, we listen. 

Going into 2021 we decided to take a deep dive into our roller spears. Specifically, the roller band assembly and improving how it functions. We had had some customers come to us with issues that they experienced in the water and we wanted to address those. We also saw room for improvement in how the band is replaced.

Let's start with the biggest improvement, where the hand loop attaches to the band. Previously, we had used a 600 lb. blue dyneema loop and our hi-vis orange hand strap would connect to that dyneema loop via a stainless steel quick-link. We really liked the quick-link, but the dyneema loop would often make it difficult to change out the power bands. Feeding the quick-link through this loop was a process. To solve this we developed a custom swivel that allows us to easily connect the hand-loop to the band while also giving us 360 degrees of rotation. This rotation really makes loading the spear easier and more comfortable. And now buying and replacing your band is much easier to do yourself. 


headhunter roller spear band 360 swivel

The 360 degree swivel not only makes loading easier and more comfortable, it also helps keeps your belt reel line or float line from twisting. 

headhunter nomad roller band swivel

here you can see the full assembly.

Another issue we had with our rollers was where the roller band attached to the spear itself. We originally used an industrial heat-shrink product. But, depending on age and how the spear was used and stored, this heat shrink could work itself loose. We tried a few different methods to improve this connection point and after a couple months of testing we now offer all the roller spears with an attachment point made of toughened epoxy. 

headhunter predator roller band attachment

Here you see the attachment point on the new Predator Roller, our fastest spear.

headhunter nomad roller band attachment

This is the attachment point on the Nomad roller.

We really think you will like the improvements that we have made to the roller spears. This upgraded band will work with any of the Nomad or Predator rollers that we have made. The Epoxied Attachment comes standard on all Predator and Nomad rollers as of April 2021.  
If you are in the Fort Lauderdale area and you want to upgrade to this epoxied attachment, just swing by our showroom. We will upgrade your Nomad or predator roller spear at no charge. Please keep in mind that it usually takes us a few days to complete the service and to allow for epoxy to fully cure.