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May 2021 Bahamas Lockdown Updates

May 2021 Bahamas Lockdown Updates
Just as things were looking good and it seemed that The Bahamas had Covid 19 under control the Prime minister has announced lockdowns in two parts of the Bahamas last week. First, on May 22 a two-week lockdown in Great Harbour went into effect. Everything is shut down and “There will be no in-person activities permitted,” the Prime Minister's Statement announced.

The New Garmin MK2s freedive watch

The New Garmin MK2s freedive watch

Today Garmin has announced its newest addition to the Descent watch series, the Mk2s. They have taken the Mk2 functionality and screen and placed it into a smaller watch body that will be available in 3 styles. But the size isn't the only thing that they have shrunk. The MSRP, at $999.99, is 30%-50% less than the standard Mk2. Thats a huge difference. I don't get excited over very many new products but this new Garmin watch has definitely piqued my interest. So much so that we just got a handful of them in stock. 


I currently use a Suunto D4f as my freedive computer and I had an apple watch as my sports watch. I enjoyed the apple watch for sports, I could play music to headphones, track my workouts, and post to Strava. But because I work with my hands around sharp tools and machine coolant I would not wear my apple watch to work, just for sports. And it was always dead. And I had one apple watch fill with water while surfing. And the cellular function was overrated. So I ditched the apple watch a while back. 

I also decided to get rid of the Suunto recently as well. I only wore it when I was on trips where I would dive 80+ feet. And it seemed like I was paying to get the battery replaced too often. Which costs about $50 if you want it done at a Suunto certified service center. In the end, it was just collecting dust. 

I had previously ignored the MK series because I had the apple watch as a smart watch and the suunto. Then, after selling both of those, I had been eyeballing the Mk2 but the price tag was just more than I wanted to spend. The Mk2s, however, has a price that is not that far off from the Suunto and apple watch combined and they are all wrapped up into one unit (including a rechargeable battery).


A really intriguing feature of the Mk2s is that it not only connects to headphones and smart phones, but it will connect to other Garmin devices like the inReach satellite communicators. Connecting to the inReach allows for weather updates and satellite messaging right from the watch, a feature that would be really convenient when you're out of cellular range and your inReach is your only weather update. This will also allow you to use the inReach while it is in the Dive Case. If you're like me and you find yourself on lots of questionably seaworthy vessels in remote places then this inReach feature will help bring peace of mind. Now you can have the equipment to call for rescue on your body whether you are at the helm or in the water. 




I have also reached out to Garmin to see if the Mk2s, like the Quatix 5, will control the Garmin autopilot and Fusion stereo controls. I will update this post as soon as I get an answer to those questions or if I am successful getting these features to work. 


As for the fit, the body is just a bit smaller than the suunto but the screen is larger than the suunto. And when comparing it to the the standard sized Mk2, the screen on the Mk2 is 1.4" while the Mk2s has a 1.2" screen. It is is available in three colors: Carbon Gray DLC, Rose Gold, and Mineral Blue. And judging by these colors Garmin is definitely trying to appeal to female customers, which makes sense, because the original size of the Mk2 is very very big. Probably too big for many female wrists. And while I am sure I would get used to it, the Mk2  feels big even on my big wrist. The Mk2s, however, feels smaller on my wrist. Similar to an apple watch. Perhaps it is borderline too small, but it's hard to say when you have been trying on multiple watches all day. I will be using the watch for the next week or two and can then give you a more accurate opinion of the size after that time. For now though, I am just happy that these watches are coming down in price. 

garmin mk2s on wrist


garmin mk2 on wrist


If you have any questions about this or any other product, please give us a ring or stop by our Fort Lauderdale showroom. Or click here to go to see the Mk2s in our store.



New HEADHUNTER polespear roller band features

New HEADHUNTER polespear roller band features
Going into 2021 we decided to take a deep dive into our roller spears. Specifically, the roller band assembly and improving how it functions. We had had some customers come to us with issues that they experienced in the water and we wanted to address those. We also saw room for improvement in how the band is replaced. Here are the roller improvements: