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Bahamas Spearfishing Expeditions-a few spots still open

Check out this video we just made of Roberto Ruiz and a Pacific Red Snapper he just shot with a Headhunter Predator polespear. He was in Panama hunting giant yellowfin tuna, but decided to use a polespear in 150 feet of water to target a school of snapper. This is the type of stuff Headhunter is all about. And this is exactly what the Bahamas Spearfishing Expeditions will be all about. Here is the video:


For those of you that dont know what the Bahamas Spearfishing Expeditions are, here is a summary. We are taking a liveaboard boat all around the southern Bahamas to spearfish, fish and explore our way from Andros though the Jumento Cays to Crooked Island. Our goal isnt quantity of fish, it is quality. We will be going after fish that guests have never shot before. Fish like giant black grouper, wahoo on the polespear, huge hogfish, Hard fighting african pompano, and the elusive 20 lb. mutton snapper. Is there a fish that you have always wanted? Do you want to learn how to improve your skills with pole spears and hawaiian slings? Have you always wanted to see the remote corners of the Bahamas? Come join us this April and May! We have 2 spots left April 22-27 in Southern Andros and the Tongue of the Ocean. And we have 3-4 spots left May 10-17 exploring crooked island. This is an insane time of year to fish and dive crooked island. Marlin, wahoo, tuna, and mahi mahi are thick. Not to mention the reef fish. We will have all sort of Blue water slings and polespears to help us take down pelagic fish like never before! And Cameron Kirkconnell will be joining us in Crooked as well. So this will be an epic trip! Here is the brochure:


If you have any questions about these insane trips, don't hesitate to email us or call us. And if the info above isn't enough to get you excited, check out this video where we get a wahoo on polespear off Andros!Here is the brochure: