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Bahamas Fishing and Spearfishing Regultions

After some research, this is the most accurate information we could find regarding Bahamas fishing regulations. Remember, if bringing items across international borders, the regulations of BOTH countries must be followed. (this means no conch can be brought to the US)


1. A person shall fish by the traditional method of angling with a hook or lure attached to a line held in the hand or attached to a pole, rod or reel;

2. A person, unless otherwise authorized by the respective permit, shall not use a spear, a fish trap, or a net other than a landing net; 

3. Each vessel shall use not more than six rods or reels unless the operator is in possession of a permit authorizing the use of more rods or reels; 

4. A total of no more than 18 fish of any pelagic species or migratory fishery per vessel. (Kingfish, Dolphin, Tuna or Wahoo etc.) Any resource not intended to be used, shall not be injured unnecessarily but be returned to the sea alive. And if for example, a tournament participant who may have caught 25 pelagic fish when leaving the Bahamas, they will only be allowed to take the maximum of 18 of those fish with them. 

5. Vessels may not have on board more than 60 pounds or 20 fish of any demersal fishery resources (groupers, snappers, hog fish etc.) and a maximum of only 6 conch, and not more than 10 crawfish/spiny lobster per vessel. Turtles are now forbidden for capture and possession by both foreigners and Bahamians alike. 

6. The closed season for Nassau Grouper remains unchanged, that being from December 1 through February 29. The closed season for spiny lobster - April 1st - July 31st.