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Centerline Polespear Replacement Parts

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Centerline Polespear Replacement Parts

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If you want the ultimate polespear for targeting large pelagic fish then look no further than the Headhunter CENTERLINE pole spear. This design is one that Luke Maillis came up with and we’ve been working with him to perfect. Luke and I have been successfully landing wahoo and other pelagics with this spear for the past three years while making adjustments to the design to get it dialed in. The spear is comprised of four 30" long carbon fiber sections as well as a 24" injector rod for a total length greater than 12 feet. The diameter is just over 5/8" allowing for a good balance of stiffness, speed, punch, and maneuverability.

One of the biggest problems with using a pole spear to target large fish he is ringing that pole spear into a float line. Some hunters like to rig the slip tip so it breaks away from the pole spear itself and connects directly to the float line, but this risks losing the polesear if it is dropped in the deep. Others prefer to connect the float line to the polespear band or to a shock cord/leash, but this turns the spear into a link between the buoy and the fish and is the spear fails the fish is lost. The patent pending design of the CENTERLINE pole spear creates a continuous connection from the slip tip to the float line. Starting at the tip we use a new linear retaining system to connect the tip to the front of the pole spear. This allows for the tip to swivel and to quickly release from the spear to remove the fish. Moving further back, the front of the pole spear is connected to the rear of the pole spear with a length of 480 pound stainless steel cable that runs centrally through the entire spear. This cable is under tension and holds the entire spear together creating a much lighter set of components that are also more durable. In fact, when the spear is assembled you could break it in half but your fish would still be connected to the float line.

Another great feature of the system is that damaged components can be replaced in the field. Did you bend a fitting? Swap it out for a new one. Did a big fish take you in the rocks and damage a section of your spear? Slide the broken tube off and replace it with the spare carbon fiber tube that comes with the kit. In fact the spear comes with more than half a dozen spare parts to ensure that you have what you need to service your equipment in remote locations.

The final part of the design that holds everything together is the power band. The spear is rigged with somewhat of a hybrid power band. Instead of a single piece of rubber creating a loop, we are using two separate pieces of rubber, one slightly shorter than the other, with a wishbone connecting them near your hand. The shorter of these two bands contains a core of 800 pound spectra line. Effectively turning the power band into a bungee with an 800 pound breaking strength. The central wishbone also has a chafe guard on it that highlights exactly where the float line should be clipped so that it's harder to mistakenly clip off to the wrong spot.

Even though this spear is 12 feet long and can take a beating, it breaks down to just 30 inches long and weighs in at 2 pounds 5 ounces (not including spear parts). This means it will fit into just about any dive bag, fin bag, or suitcase so there is no reason not to take it on your next spearfishing trip.

These are produced in limited batches and all the machining is done in house to extremely tight tolerances using the best material choices for each component. It will only be available in limited quantities so please sign up for the announcement list for our scheduled release dates.

Projects like this are what keep us excited about doing what we do!

This is a fully rigged CENTERLINE big game polespear and spare parts for field servicing the spear. We will have more details online soon. This package includes:

 QTY Component
5 30" Filament Wound Carbon Fiber Tubing (One with a hand grip and second with retainer band attachment point)
1 Tip Mount Assembly
1 Tip Mount Ring
4 17-4 Precision Ground Connecting Ferrules
1 Rear Threaded Band Fitting with set screw
2 Rear Threaded Tensioning Nut
1 Cable center-line assembly with swivel
2 24" Grade 5 Titanium Injector Rods
1 Warhead 4.5" tip with spectra rigged for the Centerline w/ 24" injector length
1 Warhead 3.5" tip with spectra rigged for the Centerline w/ 24" injector length
1 52" 2-Piece Band (50lb draw)
1 Retainer Band Kit with quick link & swivel
1 Extras: Tube Holder and mesh case for parts & spare accessories (set screws & allen keys)