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3/8" Tip Adapter

3/8" Tip Adapter

3/8" Tip Adapter



The 3/8” adapter has various uses. The adapter can be used to adapt our famous showstopper slip tip to Lance Ohara, Gatku, and other pole spears with a 3/8” male thread.

This product can also be used to turn the Predator pole spear into a 6 foot spear by allowing you to mount the tip system directly to the 3/8” adapter.


This kit includes 3/8” adapter and a retaining band kit.


Length = 2”

Diameter = 1/2”

Weight = 2 oz.

Recommended accessories:

·         Injector Rod     

·         Replacement Slip Tip with Cable

·         Replacement Slip Tip with Spectra

·         Retaining Band Kit

·         Cable Replacement Kit

·         Set Screw – Hex Key