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Hometown: St. George's, Bermuda


If you look up the spearfishing world record for black grouper you will see the weight of 100.0 pounds, and the name Craig Copik.  I first met Craig while swimming around a reef in Bermuda. I had never shot a Bermuda Rockfish and had been looking for some time. Craig, a complete stranger, showed me to a secret cave of his where I landed my first grouper in Bermuda. A 57 pound black. We have since become friends and I am always blown away by the size of his fish and how easy it seems to be for him to land these monsters. And only on polespear. I would be willing to say that Craig and his crew have landed more big grouper on polespear than any other people ever have. So when I decided to form a sponsored team for Headhunter, he was at the top of the list. I knew if I could make a spear that would survive the abuse that Craig will put it thru, it will be just fine for the rest of us. 


As you look through Craig's pictures, keep in mind that every single fish was shot and landed using a polespear!!