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For nearly two decades, Sea Stinger has been a leader in providing high end primitive gear, with an emphasis on both quality products and competitive pricing. In 2016 Headhunter Spearfishing acquired ownership of Sea Stinger and brought them under our roof. We are proud to continue the legacy with both the original Sea Stinger lineup and with new, innovative  products that allow Sea Stinger to have the competitive advantage over other companies.





The Sea Stinger polespears were developed to create a modular, carbon fiber polespear with numerous configurations to suit most needs. Utilizing advanced carbon composites and stainless steel components, these spears allow for an extremely versitile yet rugged setup.  The entire line of spears is made up of only five different sections. Every spear has a front section(SS17) and one of the three different length rear sections(SS37, SS38, or the SS39). An optional mid-section (SS36) can be added to any combination for an extra 17” of length.  Just pick the combination that best suits you, add the appropriate band, thread on a tip of your choice and you will be prepared for any situation. Or choose from our six standard configurations, like the extremely popular Lightning Rod.



The SEA SLINGER is a revolutionary new style of sling that utilizes forward rollers to provide a preloaded band and alignment rollers to insure that the draw has a balanced and straight angle. Typically a pistol grip on a sling creates torque and can cause the sling to rotate while under band pressure. The Sea Slinger allocates pressure evenly  around the hand creating a balanced pull, therefore eliminating any undesirable torque. Just raw, straight power.
The bands are easily changed using our loop system and can be swapped out to personalize your sling to match your draw strengths.