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Freedive Foot Pockets

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Freedive Foot Pockets

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There are a wide range of foot pockets compatible with the Moana blades and are not limited to styles listed below. These are the trusted brands we find perform well with Moana Carbon Fiber Fin Blades. 


S-Wing foot pockets are manufactured from specially developed natural and thermoplastic rubber blend. Designed specifically for spearfishing these foot pockets are exceptionally durable, comfortable and hydrodynamic.

EU 35-36 US 3.5-4.5
EU 37-38 US 5-6
EU 39-40 US 7-7.5
EU 41-42 US 8-8.5
EU 43-44 US 9-10.5
EU 45-46 US 11-12

OMER Stingray Shorts

The use of thermo rubber in two different stiffness compounds increases comfort over normal foot-pockets. The angle between foot-pocket and blade is 22-degrees and is the result of finding the blend between optimized power of the push through the water relative to effort.

EU 39-40

US 5-6

EU 41-42

US 7-8

EU 43-44

US 9-10

EU 45-46

US 11-12

EU 47-48

US 13-14

EU 49-50

US 15-16


Neptonics Featherlite

These footpockets are made from thermoplastic with differentiated thickness to improve comfort. The angle between foot pocket and the blade is 20° for a perfect power stroke. The Foot pockets include all blade fixing hardware and fixing plates.

EU 38-39

US 4-5

EU 40-41

US 6-7

EU 42-43

US 8-9

EU 44-45

US 10-11

EU 46-47

US 12-13



These are considered one of the lightest footpockets on the market with excellent power transfer. Made in Greece, these pockets require a "glue in" installation. 

*All sales are final for Pathos Blade Combo.*

EU 36-38

US 4-5

EU 38-40

US 5-6.5

EU 40-42

US 6.5-8.5

EU 42-44

US 8.5-10

EU 44-46

US 10-11

EU 46-48

US 11-12

EU 48-50

US 12-13


SEAC Motus

These pockets are soft on the top and sides for comfort and hard on the bottom for energy transfer. The tendons are softer than most meaning more reactive blade materials such as fiberglass and carbon will not be restricted.

EU 36-38 US 4.5-5.5
EU 39-40 US 6.5-7
EU 41-42 US 8-8.5
EU 43-44 US 9.5-10
EU 45-46 US 11-12
EU 47-48 US 12.5-13.5


With the new Euro model, foot pockets including C4 300s, C4 400s and CETMA S-WING will now be compatible. 

For the 4th Gen Moana Euros and Hybrids, we recommend pairing with either OMER Stingray Shorts, Neptonics Featherlight or Pathos.

*All sales are final for Pathos / Blade combo.*