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9FT NOMAD Roller Polespear Bundle - Cable

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9FT NOMAD Roller Polespear Bundle - Cable

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Complete NOMAD Roller 9FT Polespear with included replacement components. The NOMAD Roller Bundle includes:

  • NOMAD Roller 9FT Polespear
  • WARHEAD Cable Slip Tip Replacement
  • 18" WARHEAD Injector Rod Replacement
  • Retainer Band Replacement Kit 

Large reef species such as big grouper or cubera snapper require increased power and durability to land successfully without a perfect stone-shot. The NOMAD is built to withstand any situation when face-to-face with an oversized fish, particularly the resistance these fish give to being landed. The roller design adds additional fire power to your shot, ensuring the slip tip penetrates clear through a beefier body. The NOMAD's thicker construction resists the impact a large fish may inflict in the fight for the surface. 

Poorly placed shots cause the fish to fight, which can damage your gear. Fish that rock up or hole up can also contribute to wear & tear of your setup. Exposure to sunlight and saltwater over time can weaken the retainer bands that keep your slip tip in place. The included replacement parts in this bundle prevent ending the day or the trip prematurely from gear damage. 

The 9FT NOMAD Roller is modular, comprised of a 3-foot front, mid, and rear section. The injector rod with WARHEAD slip tip adds another 20 inches to the length. The NOMAD Roller is just 40 inches when disassembled for easy travel. 

The NOMAD Roller bundle includes a complete 9ft Nomad Roller Polespear, paired with extra components. 

Complete 9FT Nomad Roller, plus:

1 x replacement WARHEAD Injector Rod

1 x replacement WARHEAD Cable Slip Tip

1 x replacement Retainer Band Kit