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IUSA Polespear and Hawaiian Sling World Records

Over the last few weeks we have been getting a lot of emails and facebook messages regarding the new polespear division for spearfishing world records. The IUSA is the main association that keeps track of spearfishing world records and this new division is great for those of us that love to use hawaiian slings and polespears. Below is a table with all the current polespear and sling world records. Also, here are a few tips for those of you that are submitting a record.

  • weigh the fish on a certified scale on land. You are allowed to weigh it on a boat, but the rules are a bit more complicated. 
  • take a picture of the fish hanging on the scale. The entire fish should be visible, as well as the scale's display showing the weight. 
  • measure the fish with a tape measure. Get its overall length and forth length. You will need a picture of the entire fish and tape measure with these lengths visible. 
  • measure the girth of the fish(circumference) at its widest point. You will need a picture clearly showing this measurement
  • You will also need a picture showing you with the fish and the equipment used. This is to verify the equipment and it will also be displayed on the IUSA website. 
  • check the IUSA website for the exact rules and directions for submitting an application.