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Best of West End, Bahamas by Greyson Dixon

"This may be my favorite edit I've made yet. Big fish and sharks makes for some pretty epic footage. Headhunter Spearfishing's NOMAD is the best polespear I've ever used hands down!"- Greyson Dixon

Video Credit: @michael_worden19 and @hunts_hevs

NCF Bahamas 2017 from Errol Putigna

Every year, Cameron Kirkconnell Spearfishing and NCF (National Christian Foundation) put on a yearly freediving/spearfishing trip to the Bahamas. It is a way for NCF members to explore the wonderful creations of the Bahamas while learning to harvest their catch the most ethical and sustainable way known to man, by spear. Headhunter spearfishing gear has been trusted by Cameron Kirkconnell Spearfishing guides for years. Headhunter provides precise, durable primitive spearfishing gear that allows you to get the best shot to land your catch! We also take clients from all backgrounds, and teach them how to freedive with the FII (Freediving Instructors International) curriculum. It is a proven curriculum that can take anyone off the street and teach them to freedive effectively, efficiently and most important, safely.

NCF Bahamas 2017 from errolputignafreediving on Vimeo.