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Guerrilla Sling video by Hutchins Torregrosa

I was just sent this video by a customer of ours, Hutchins Torregrosa. This kid can shoot a sling, no doubt about that. The best is the shot at 0:30 where he has one fish on the sling and shoots another! That is a solid move and is one of the many reasons why I love shooting a sling. 

Notice the color of the power band Hutch uses. That is not the band the sling comes with. When we designed the sling, we wanted it to be able to use any band you could find and allow you to easily change those bands. Bands usually break when you are on a trip somewhere and replacements are hard to find.

The Headlock Plug system allows the band to be changed more easily than on any spearfishing device we have seen. No knots, no wraps, no string. And any power band material that is 1/2" diameter or less will work with the sling. So the off the shelf latex tubing at your local dive shop should work. And if you want spare bands, ready to go, we do offer pre-cut bands in 4 different styles: Light, Medium(standard band), Heavy, and Extra Heavy. Band length can be varied too, helping achieve the perfect stretch for your particular draw.