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Spearing Magazine Article and Cover Shot 2017

Spearing Magazine Cover 2017

The view out of the car’s window was an ominous one. Houses were already boarded up, boats hauled out, and a sense of frantic preparation was in the air. Super Storm Irma was just 4 days away and currently it was pointed right at the southern Bahamas. After more than three months that covered 1600 nautical miles of diving, it was time to go home.

As a native Floridian it is easy to take for granted how close we are to some of the world’s most epic waters. Over the years I have taken boats from Florida to fishing grounds like Bermuda, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and throughout the Caribbean. And as fun as the marina life can be when you’re working on a sport boat and fishing tournaments, I have always preferred the solitude of anchoring out in the middle of nowhere. Just good friends, empty coastlines, and wide open oceans. We are lucky enough to have some very remote areas right in our backyard. Our neighbors to the east, the Bahamas.

For our summer 2017 trips we decided to change it up a little. In past years our charter service, Bahamas Spearfishing Expeditions, had set up some epic trips with big groups of up to 11 people and large liveaboard BAHAMAS 2017 1 vessels. We had comfortable accommodations, great food, multiple dive boats, and plenty of hot showers and cold drinks. But as many of you know, diving with a large group of spearfishermen can be a challenge. As an organizer and spearfishing guide it can be a logistical nightmare.

So for 2017 my wife Allison(Ali) and I decided to change it up a little. We wanted to plan the various legs of our guided trip around using our 26 foot center console and setting up smaller sized groups in some more remote locations than we would normally go in our own boat. We would then utilize other vessels, rental houses and even tents to set up different basecamps as we travelled to the various islands we intended to visit.

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