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Tiagra 130 Ringtone

We have been working on some of our video editing and it is a very long and tedious process! The other day I needed a break and since I had the microphone all set up I decided to record the sound of a Shimano Tiagra 130 fishing reel. For some of you that might sound strange, but for those of you who have fished 130's and have heard the sound of a fish screaming away with the clicker on.....you know how pumped up that sound make you! So i turned the sound into a ringtone and put it on my phone. It is now my alarm every morning and is the best alarm sound I have every woken up to. Its probably not the first time I have woken up to the sound of a screaming 130, but I will save those stories for later.

Anyway, with the billfish season about to kick off I decided to post this sound on the website to let everyone enjoy it too. Just click on the following link and download the file. Then open itunes and import the file. It should automatically be placed as a tone in your itunes library and next time you sync your iphone or ipad it will be in there! I am not a music or ringtone guru, so if that doesn't work just google how to add it. Enjoy.



or if you want the MP3 version try this link:


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