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The jungles of Panama

Every once in a while its nice to drop off the grid and do something a little challenging. Thats what our last trip to Panama was. After a 3 hour flight, a six hour drive, and a two hour boat trip we found ourselves at this beach in the middle of the jungle along the tuna coast. No power, phone, potable water. not even a road in or out. We were way off the grid. It was heaven and the fish were huge!!

It all started as a phone call from Brandon Wahlers letting me know that he has landed a 375 lb. yellowfin tuna on spear. Epic. I was on a plane the next day and headed to Panama and to try to film a few giant yellowfin tuna being shot and landed. in Panama City we met up with Michael Takach and Jessie Cripps, as well as Julie Riffe and Kelsea Albert. Our road trip headed south from there for 5 or 6 hours until we hit the end of the road. 


The swell was picking up so we quickly loaded up the 2 pangas we had hired and we punched out through the surf. Our 2 hour boat ride ran us along some amazing shorline of thick jungle and steep cliffs. Once we arived at our desination, we had to to a fast beach landing without flipping the boat. Then we loaded all out get onto a horse and cart and took in down the shore and up into the jungle. 

Our days consisted of launching the pangas through the surf, shooting giant pargo, roosterfish, and tuna, and chasing wild checkens through the jungle! We had one outdoor show that flowed from a rainwater catchment. And all our food had to be smoked to preserve it because we had no ice. 

On the days that we could make it offshore, we found ourselves diving certain high spots and pinacles that were a little further from the coast. The visibility in close was almost imposible to dive in. 


At the end of the trip, Michael Takach managed to land his 50 lb pargo and a very nice tuna. He scored his tuna while diving under a giant school of porpoise and spinner dolphin. We also encountered a few nice marlin out there but we left them alone. 


Jessie landed a killer tuna too! she also speared her tuna out from underneath the schools of porpoise.