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The end of spearguns in Biscayne National Park?

No more "triggered" spearfishing in Biscayne National Park??? Here is a recent article published in Florida Sportsman online. It was just sent to me so I wanted to post it ASAP, but I plan to do a little digging to see what this means. I would actually be very excited to see some changes like this happen to the fishing regulations in South Florida. Some slightly larger size limits and equipment restrictions could be just the thing we need.

If we increase the size limits of certain fish now, we might be able to avoid a complete closure in the future. And lets face it, a 12" hogfish is TINY!! The limit should be 16". It might take a year or two, but at some point there will be a bunch of barely legal 16" hogs swimming around instead of barely legal 12" hogfish. The same goes for mutton snapper. 

I know I am a very prejudiced individual when it comes to triggerless spearfishing, so many of you might not share my views, but I do feel that eliminating spearguns in certain areas would be a good thing. It would not only give the fish more of a chance but require that spearfishermen would have to improve their skill levels to successfully harvest fish. And you CAN harvest fish without a speargun, believe me!! 

So take a look at their article and see what you think. What would you like to see happen?