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The new Headhunter Spearfishing Hawaiian Sling

Our Secret Is Out.....

After nearly 4 years of prototypes and R&D, We are in production with our version of a sling. This sling is so radically different from other slings that it might even be its own class of spearfishing equipment. We call it a triggerless speargun, you are going to call it your new best friend. Although we can't give away all out secrets at once, we are going to start with this little video clip of one of our old prototypes (which happened to land the amberjack world record!). So for now, check out the video and stay tuned, we will be announcing pricing and dates in the coming weeks, as well as pictures(the one in the video is nothing compared to what the final version looks like!) Also, there will be a pre-sale for anyone interested in getting one for a Christmas present. So make sure you forward this email to your friends and spouses as a christmas "hint"!!!  Enjoy!