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EPIC Dogtooth Tuna Spearfishing: Mission Africa

Over the past few weeks we've been working hard on throwing together a video of an epic trip to Africa a few years back with Cameron Kirkconnell, Brian Head, Craig Clasen, Eric Allard and Brad Thornbrough. We ended up with tons of great memories, 2 dogtooth tuna over 240lbs, and plenty of giant fish stories. We were able to put some Headhunter gear to the test, including one of the original Predator Polespears and somehow we managed to capture it all on video. Also features interviews with Cameron Kirkconnell Mark Healey and Brad Thornbrough.

NCF Bahamas 2017 from Errol Putigna

Every year, Cameron Kirkconnell Spearfishing and NCF (National Christian Foundation) put on a yearly freediving/spearfishing trip to the Bahamas. It is a way for NCF members to explore the wonderful creations of the Bahamas while learning to harvest their catch the most ethical and sustainable way known to man, by spear. Headhunter spearfishing gear has been trusted by Cameron Kirkconnell Spearfishing guides for years. Headhunter provides precise, durable primitive spearfishing gear that allows you to get the best shot to land your catch! We also take clients from all backgrounds, and teach them how to freedive with the FII (Freediving Instructors International) curriculum. It is a proven curriculum that can take anyone off the street and teach them to freedive effectively, efficiently and most important, safely.

NCF Bahamas 2017 from errolputignafreediving on Vimeo.


Wahoo and Groupers on polespear!

Cameron Kirkconnell and I (Brad Thornbrough) filmed this video back in January of 2010 during the delivery of a 34 foot Yellowfin to Chub Cay. Its funny to look back and see all our random pole spear prototypes. Less than a year after this The Headhunter Predator polespear and the Cameron Kirkconnell pole spear were in full production. Its also crazy to look back and see the fish we had shot with modified sea stinger tips....if only we had had Showstopper slip tips back then! 
Here we are four years later and polespear have become very popular. Not just in Florida and countries that require them, but all over the world. The IUSA is now recognizing polespears and sling as a separate spearfishing world record category!
We are also putting together a few incredible trips to the Bahamas this spring and summer. If anyone has an interest in learning more about these trips, check out the webpage here